9 Parents Open Up About Their Biggest Baby Name Regrets!

I know that there are a lot of parents who often regret the name they chose for their baby. Sure, Apple, Suri, Blue Ivy and even North West make great baby celebrity names, but would you really want to name your child a fruit, color or an adverb that is one of the four compass points?

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Here are 9 parents opening up about their biggest baby name regrets!

1. Too Similar 

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Sure, there might be several other Isabellas or Jaydens in your child’s Kindergarten class, but just because they have the same name, that doesn’t mean they are similar. Jacob can be just as unique as the other Bruno, Bowies and Beckhams out there.

2. Like a Kardashian

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This one is tough. Several years ago (actually make that before 2008) none of us knew what a Kardashian was. And now it seems like any name with a K is kursed because it belongs to Kris and her klan.

3. Echo

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Unless you are a huge fan of Toyota Echos, I would advise against this. Instead of Echo, try one of these possibilities: Willow, Ivy, Nova, Sage, Charlotte, Aurora, Iris, Aria, Winter, Chloe, Ember, Piper. I have more suggestions, but the list is about a million names long. In other words, anything is better than Echo.

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