9 Moms Who Look Exactly the Same Age as Their Daughter

Let’s face it: the older we get, the more obsessed we are with looking good and hanging on to our youthful looks, right? It’s no wonder that so many women invest in anti-ageing creams that promise to keep the lines and wrinkles at bay.

Simply put, some of us are blessed with wonderful genes that have been passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers. As the saying goes… maybe she’s born with it (or maybe it’s Maybelline!). Not only are some daughters lucky enough to win the genetic lottery, some of them are practically their mothers’ doppelgängers.

These mothers and their little daughters are certainly taking twinning to a completely different level! Here’s a look at stunning stars and their look-alike offspring. Some of them will surely surprise you!

mother daughter look alikes
Credit: Twitter/kaylan_17

Here are 9 moms that look exactly the same age as their daughter!

1. Demi Moore and… Demi Moore?

demi moore rumor willis
Credit: Instagram / @ruelarue

No matter how many times I look at this photo I still can’t tell the difference between Hollywood actress Demi Moore and her daughter, Rumer Willis.

We always knew that Demi was one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, but she’s got the kind of genes that also make her look the same age like her daughter!

2. Reese Witherspoon Times Two!

Credit: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has every reason to be a proud mother. Not only does she have a beautiful, smart daughter Ava, but she’s also her carbon copy. This is a classic case of like mother, like daughter!

3. Model Mom & Daughter

cindy crawford daughter
Credit: Instagram / @cindycrawford

OK, this might be cheating a little bit as Cindy obviously used a much older photo of herself but there’s no denying that her daughter Kaia got her model good looks from her mama! Talk about putting the super in supermodel.

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