8 Things You Should Never Eat if You’re Really Trying to Lose Weight

Did you know that low fat foods are actually your enemy? I have been personally doing everything I can, to get our family off of the low fat diet mentality and instead eat clean and unprocessed foods! While you need to be careful at all times what you eat, if you eat clean foods that are not processed you can splurge a lot more!

It really it is more harmful than helpful to forbid yourself from eating certain foods.  If you deny yourself something you really want to eat it can and probably will ultimately lead you to binge eating and  weight gain. Which means EAT DESSERT it’s OK to splurge sometimes! But some foods really do need to go, because they will tempt you into going to the dark side!

One of my best tips is Keep water beside your bed: Hydration is the key to any healthy lifestyle, and sipping on water through the night will keep you feeling energized and clear-headed the following morning. One of the best ways to ensure a great next day is a good night’s sleep and water ready to go in the morning ( you can also add some lemon for flavor and to help flush your system)!


Here some tips that we can fully agree with!

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