8 Natural Mood Boosters

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, or sad? Try any of these feel good tips and your unhappy mood will change to peace and joy.

1. Pick or buy yourself a bouquet of scented flowers. Besides being visually appealing, scented flowers such as orange blossoms, jasmine, roses and stargazer lilies have a scent that has been shown to boost the mood.

2.  Put on a happy face. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway. The very act of smiling will relax your jaw and other facial muscles, and soon you will be smiling for real.

3. Say I love you. When you feel down, connecting with those you love will make you feel good. Saying “I love you” to friends, family, and pets will make your heart swell.

4. Pet your dog or cat. The very nature of sitting and petting your favorite pouch is calming on the mind. Studies have shown that showing your pet affection can lower your blood pressure.

5. Take deep breathes. Inhale in through your nose and say “ahhh” as you exhale. Each breath you take will help release tension in your body and mind.

6. Be present with nature. Take a walk outside and really notice your surroundings. Take in the scent, the sounds, and the colors. Connecting with nature will calm your mind and soothe your soul.

7. Take a warm bubble bath. Go ahead and be a kid again. Fill your bath with lots of delicious scented bubbles. Clothes your eyes and enjoy the warmth, the feel of the bubbles, and the sound of the bubbles bursting around you.

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