8 Healthy Foods That Make You Happy

8 Healthy Foods That Make You Happy

By Sharon Liao

8 Healthy foods that make you happy! When you think of comfort foods that make you happy, does your mind drift to mashed potatoes and mac ’n’ cheese? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t. Research reveals that certain healthier staples can soothe your soul and get you grinning. Incorporate these eight expert picks into your daily diet, and you’ll get more energy, less stress and an even brighter smile. Consider these your new happy meals!

1. Salmon

“The omega-3s found in salmon have been proven to boost mood,” says Lauren Slayton, a registered dietitian and the director of FoodTrainers, a nutrition center in New York City. These healthy fats don’t just put a smile on your face; they also help you keep it there: A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who consistently consumed more omega-3s were 30 percent less likely to develop gum disease than those who got less. Don’t like seafood? Reach for other omega-3 sources, like flax and walnuts.

2. Avocado

Even if you’re not a guacamole fan, this green fruit can bring you happiness. “Avocados contain serotonin, a type of feel-good neurotransmitter in the brain,” says Slayton. Try using a few slices as a creamy substitute for mayo in sandwiches, or toss some cubes into your lunchtime salad.

3. Raisins

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