8 Healthier Popsicles to Eat Instead of Ice Cream

Spring is around the corner and it seems like everyone is ready to put on some flip flops and get ready to head over to the beach!

Credit: So Fruitty

But, lets face it, trying to find the right frozen treat is never easy and we have the perfect popsicle that you and your family will love!

My kids are obsessed with So Fruitty  popsicles and I love that they can go into the freezer and not even ask for my permission because all of the ingredients are perfect!

These gorgeous and delicious ice pops get their color from the combination of fruits and are all natural. The fruit flavors are  definitely what you’ll taste most, rather than processed natural flavors 🙂 

Credit: So Fruitty

So Fruitty is committed to preserving the rich, juicy taste and texture of the fruits as well as their nutritional benefits.

They are passionate about the distinctive flavors of fresh fruit, and they love to share its goodness and health benefits with you!

Credit:So Fruitty

So Fruitty  wants to be recognized as the most delicious and healthy frozen treats in the United States. Our products are made from 100% natural high-quality ingredients, selected fruits, no added flavor, and no food colors, giving you frozen fruit bars with exceptional texture and flavor.

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