The 72-Hour Blowout!

And on the eighth day, the blowout was created. And it was very, very good. The 72-Hour Blowout! A great blowout gives your hair body, volume and shine like nothing else. But how to make that perfect style last post-salon, when your tresses are as fine as gossamer and straight as an arrow? We have the answers from Maria Russo!

A perfect blowout that lasts for days!

If you have fine to medium-fine and minimally textured hair, you know that retaining the bombshell volume of a perfect blowout is not exactly a piece of cake. Fine hair tends to lack body, instead laying against the scalp and sopping up sebum — a deal-breaker for long-lasting styles! To help save your locks from becoming lackluster, we talked to Maria Russo, who offered these strand-saving pointers:

Prep: To make your blow-dry last for days after a salon visit, head to the salon with clean hair.

At the Salon: Ask your stylist to shampoo your hair with a volumizing cleanser and only apply a volumizing conditioner to the ends of your hair. Once you’re at the styling station, request that the amount of styling and smoothing products be kept at a minimum.

Post-Appointment: When you shower, wrap your hair in Velcro curlers, pin loose strands with bobby pins, and wrap your head in a cotton-lined shower cap. This provides protection against the moisture and steam and maintains volume.

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