Toy Box Party Inspiration

You’re a Mom. It is the most rewarding title you will ever have. But let’s face it…you wear many hats. Chauffeur, short order cook, housekeeper, Guidance counselor, ATM, Social Secretary, Referee and Party Planner… just to name a few.  Worrying about planning your child’s next party doesn’t have to be an added stress, let’s face it you have enough to worry about!  I have always been the “party girl”.  Whether it is going to, getting together with friends and family, or hosting a party, I have learned the most important thing to remember is…LESS IS MORE.  Keep this in mind as you go through the steps of the planning process, small details make big impressions.  The little extra details are what people are going to remember…not what games were played.  Here are some tips to get you thru your child’s next party.

Pick a theme.  The easiest way to decide is to pick something that your child loves (favorite stuffed animal, sport, video game, hobby etc.) This will make it so much easier when looking for décor because it will actually be fun for you (and your child) because it means something to them. Use this theme throughout your party (invitations, decorations, food & party favors) Pick two colors that coordinated with your theme and use it towards your inspiration.

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