7 Year old boy wants to join Girl Scouts


WOW, I can’t even tell you how shocked I was when reading the comments posted about this story. This story is about a 7 year old boy who really feels like he is a girl and lives as a girl in every aspect. Clothes, toys, hair, you name it. Anyway, he happens to have a very loving and supportive mother who went to their local Girl Scouts when her “son” explained he didn’t want to join the Boy Scouts but instead wanted to join the Girl Scouts. The troupe leader first denied the boy explaining she didn’t want to get in trouble by allowing him in. Since then, The Girl Scouts of America has come around to say that the growing transgender population has made them re-think their policies and as long as the family asks and the child does indeed live as a girl, he will not be turned away.

Well, this is all it took for a major uproar on the web!! You would think it was the days of slavery when the first person allowed a black person in a white eatery. Completely absurd with judgement and fear, name calling and blame. I really believed us as a society to be beyond this, but I clearly am sadly misinformed! Please tell me there are parents out there that teach tolerance and respect and love. Watch the video for yourself and tell me you don’t see a child who knows exactly who they are, that is loved and supported and beautiful! Because I am blown away by the people who stand in hatred on the other side.

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