7 Healthy Foods That Aren’t What They Seem ~

Food often gets labeled good, bad, or just plain ugly for its nutritional value and health benefits; but what does a healthy food really look like? Some foods may seem healthy when in reality they are high in calories, added sugars, salt, and just not worth all the hype. Here are seven foods granted a healthy halo in recent years that don’t quite deserve that honor – and some alternative suggestions.

“Lara Felton is the registered dietitian for ShopWell  the free personalized nutrition app. She completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Before she joined the ShopWell team, she worked as a clinical dietitian at Stanford Health Care and lectured for Stanford School of Medicine’s Family Clerkship. She loves running, reading, and trying new recipes in the kitchen that her family will love.”


  • Juicing – Juicing seems really healthy; all you do is drink the juice produced from fruits and vegetables to enjoy all the vitamin and mineral benefits. Great, right? Wrong. By juicing you are missing out on all the great fiber in the produce, which is what helps keep you full longer and your gut healthy. The human body is really good at figuring out how much vitamins and minerals it needs and when to get rid of the excess nutrients it doesn’t need. Drinking a juice with really high concentrations of vitamins doesn’t mean you’re getting a nutritious jolt, often it means you have really pricey pee. You’re better off eating the whole fruit or vegetable to get the vitamins, minerals, and Just as easy and portable but way cheaper.

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