6 Ways to Keep Your Mommyhood Fabulous


6 Ways to Keep Your Mommyhood Fabulous

By Danyelle Little

6 ways to keep your mommhood fabulous! Most moms don’t live the glamorous life. Reality television and the media can make it seem as though housewives and stay-at-home moms are living it up fabulously all the time. But the truth is: Most of us are living our lives without much glam or fanfare. And, really, on a day-to-day basis, that’s just fine with most of us. However, when all you see is a tattered sweatshirt and unwashed hair in the mirror, it can start to have an insidious effect on your self-esteem.

So why not shake things up a bit? Adding a few just-for-you touches to your mommy routine can not only make you look beautiful, it can make you feel beautiful, too. Here, six tips to make your mommyhood more fabulous:

Work It Out: Spending just 30 minutes each day working out can do a lot for your mind and body. By exercising, you can slim down or stay in shape and while setting a good example for your kids. Working out can be as simple as dancing with your children, using an interactive video game on the Wii, walking or riding your bike with your brood or jogging in your neighborhood park.

Make Up, Please: Applying a little makeup every now and then can make you feel instantly glamorous. If you have a little bonus time, take it to the next level by visiting your favorite cosmetics counter and indulging in a free makeover session or tutorial.

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