6 Signs That Your Best Mom Friend Is a Keeper

The other day someone told me that you can’t expect to be best friends with every single person that you meet. Why? Because we have different friends and different kind of friendships for different occasions. The friends you make at work are different than the friends you make at your children’s elementary school or heck, even your neighbors.

What’s more, you also have different stages when it comes to friendship. For some, you can go from a friendly hello to let-me-tell-you about our problems in a matter of seconds. Others take years before they finally open up to you. And then you’ve got the kind of people who would drop what they are doing to help you, regardless of what it is. Of course, those are the kinds of friends that you want to hang on to for deal life!

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Here are 6 signs that your best friend is a keeper (Mom Edition)!

1. She’s Not Selfish

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In other words, she likes to share. She opens up her home to you, and she open up her heart. And she’ll take the time out of her busy day to listen to you. She’s the first person you go to when you need an extra egg or a little cooking oil and heck, she would even give you her child’s last diaper if she had to.

2. She’s Honest

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She’ll tell you that there’s no way in hell that she could afford those new Tory Burch wedges and buys the knock-off version at H&M instead. And she knows that you don’t judge her for her decisions, too. She’ll go shopping with you and tell you that yellow is simply not your color, point out if you have something in your nose and will be honest about that questionable haircut you just got.

3. She Answers Fast

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It doesn’t take her 48 hours to respond to a text or a post on social media. You’re a priority in her life, and she’ll let you know that. If you’re in trouble, she’s also the first person that you call and pour your heart out too (with a good bottle of red wine nearby, no less).

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