6 Genius Products: The Best New Beauty Trends

6 Genius Products: The Best New Beauty Trends

By Lori Conte

6 genius products, the best new beauty trends that you must have! Many beauty product trends come and go. (Remember hair crimpers and shampoo-plus-conditioners?) But each year, cosmetic companies release some technologies that can help make your life easier — and make you look even more beautiful. Here are six of my favorite beauty breakthroughs to help keep you gorgeous all year long.

1. BB Creams
This magic potion is a one-stop-shop for all skin types and tones: It acts as a serum, moisturizer, light foundation and sunblock all in one. Apply to clean skin, or under your foundation if you need extra coverage. A little of this cream goes a long way; simply dab off the excess with a facial tissue. There are a number of brands, which range in price, but I’ve found they’re all created equal.

2. Hair Oil
I’m not talking about your mama’s hot oil treatment! From Moroccan to shea nut butter to argon, these silky serums transform your tresses from dull and damaged to smooth and silk. Made from essential and natural plant extracts, these oils tame fly-aways, add shine and prevent breakage. To use, apply a few drops to wet or dry hair. You can also dab a little on dry cuticles and ashy elbows!

3. Lip Gloss Plumpers

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