Here’s the Shocking Reason This Mom Lost Custody of Her 5-Year Old Son

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet in my home for my family, I’m not going to lie that I’m a bit of a stickler. It’s like pulling teeth in trying to get them to eat their vegetables and protein but a drizzly chocolate bar, they can scarf down in a matter of seconds.

And while I do try to limit the amount of sugar they eat, I can’t ban it altogether. They are kids after all! And plus, they have the kind of energy that lets them jump, run and scream until bedtime. While I’m not worried about their weight or obesity for that matter, I do try to prepare balanced meals everyday. And I’m sure a lot of parents do the same thing. That’s why so many people are surprised over new reports that say a mother lost her child because he was overweight.

childhood obesity
Credit: Shutterstock/kwanchai.c

Here’s why this mom lost custody her child! Did the judge make the right decision?

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