5 Tips on How to Give up Alcohol Without Really Missing It

Earlier this week Chrissy Teigen sparked headlines when she admitted she’s now sober after realizing she was drinking too much alcohol. The model said that it became normal for her to drink a glass of wine while she was in the hair and makeup chair. Add the free flowing booze on offer at awards shows and she would end up feeling “bad for making…an ass” of herself.

During the interview she sipped on a can of Red Bull. But if you’re used to one or two glasses of wine at night, or if your social life revolves around bars, brunches and boozing how do you give up alcohol without feeling like you’re missing out? One health blogger has shared five essential tips.

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How do you give up booze without feeling boring?

It’s Doable

Health blogger Helen Foster
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I’ve given up booze for a month here and there and for Lent. The longest I’ve been alcohol-free is for nine months. (And no, it’s not because I was pregnant.) So I know it can be done. I also know that if you have an active social life that involves having wine or cocktails it can be a challenge being the only sober one in the room.

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Journalist and blogger Helen Foster has written a whole book on how to give up booze. It’s called “Quit Alcohol (for a Month): Rethink Your Drinking and Reset Your Habits in 28 Days.”

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In a piece for Healthista she shared five easy tips on how to do it. The journo who has done Sober October, given up while training for races or just to lose weight, but who loves going to the pub, wrote: “I would estimate that over the last 10 years I’ve spent more than 12 months off the booze – and during that time I learned a lot about how to do it without ruining your social life.”

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