5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Motherhood

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Motherhood

By Cynthia Hanson for Life & Beauty Weekly

5 things no one tells you about motherhood.There’s nothing like firsthand experience to prepare you for motherhood. Seriously. You can read every parenting book on the market, but only being in the new mom trenches — sleep-deprived and sore all over — can open your eyes to the realities of your new role.

“We come to motherhood with preconceived notions and stars in our eyes,” says Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, a licensed clinical social worker, the author of Motherhood Without Guilt: Being the Best Mother You Can Be and Feeling Great About It, and a psychotherapist in Oak Brook, Ill. “The truth is motherhood is tedious, repetitive, sometimes even boring and definitely not glamorous.”

Which is not to say motherhood isn’t wonderful (it is!), but it still helps to know all sides of the story. Here, five surprising things no one ever tells you about being a mom — plus how to cope with them.

You’ll be tired and achy longer than you might expect.
Some new moms are fine a month or so after the baby is born, but most women need eight weeks or longer to physically recover. (And don’t expect to be Beyoncé-slim by then, either.) How long it takes depends on whether you delivered vaginally or had a C-section, how much sleep you’re getting, and how fast your hormone levels settle down.

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