5 Secrets of Success That Celebrities Live By

5 Secrets of Success That Celebrities Live By

By Anne Marie O’Connor

5 Secrets of success that celebrities live by. Yes, stars look great. Yes, they’re charming. And yes, they have talent. But it takes a lot more than that to have a successful career and life in Hollywood. Our experts evaluate five famous faces and the secrets of success they applied to achieve their goals.

Success Secret No. 1: Celebrities have a dream.
Beyonce had always wanted to be a performer. That dream has governed her life, from helping her form her first group at just 9 years old to releasing her first solo album in 2003. “Successful people are driven, which allows them to make a total commitment to their dreams,” says Marc Fenton, a life coach at Empire Life Coaching in New York City.

Fortunately, there’s no expiration date on aspirations, so you can follow yours no matter what your age. But you do need to set a specific goal and plot out the steps you need to take to achieve success. If you’re having trouble sticking to the plan, try networking — both online and in person. A mentor can give you advice, guidance and feedback.

Success Secret No. 2: Celebrities work hard.

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