5 Reasons to Cut Your Toxic Mom Friend Out Of Your Life

I once had a mom friend that I sometimes think about from time to time. I don’t necessarily miss her, but I do wonder about her, her marriage, and her kids just because we used to share so much about our personal lives with each other.

We had a rather strong friendship until she became heavily invested in a local CrossFit gym. According to my friend, CrossFit changed her life, and thankfully for the better, too. I listened to her when she talked about her workouts (or rather her WODS), how many burpees she did and even offered her support when she sent me (pretty awkward) photos of her doing handstands by her closet door. But because I was her friend, I wanted to see her succeed and of course, be happy.

Then things got pretty complicated and messy when she continually pushed me to join her CrossFit gym with her. I tried about two workouts but I knew right away that it wasn’t for me. Mostly because I couldn’t afford to membership and because group workouts simply weren’t for me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t taking no for an answer. It got to the point in which she accused me of being a lazy, unmotivated and unhealthy person simply because I didn’t want to join her gym. That’s when I decided that enough was enough and pulled the plug on our friendship.

Despite making a mental list of the pros and cons of the relationship, I felt stressed and drained each time I thought about my friend or even spending time with her (just to have her making me feel guilty for not joining her gym). No matter how hard you try to make your relationship work, sometimes you have no choice but to cut that person out of your life.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should cut your toxic mom friend out of our life!

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