5 Must-Have Tools for Flawless Makeup Application

5 Must-Have Tools for Flawless Makeup Application

By Jackie Schneider

Five make up tools for a flawless make up application. Most women spend a lot of time and money picking out the perfect lotions, potions and makeup for their skin. But without the proper application, even the highest-quality products won’t do much for your appearance. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools. The correct sponge, for instance, can turn streaky foundation into an even, natural glow, while facial tissues can help lipstick stay put.

As a makeup artist, I handle hundreds of beauty items on a regular basis. Here are the six I swear by, plus simple tips for makeup application.

1. Spoolie brush. The quickest way to look put-together is by grooming your brows. A spoolie brush, which resembles an overgrown mascara wand, can put those hairs in their place. Sweep it upwards and outwards; then trim any errant brows with a pair of small scissors. Finish the look by filling in any gaps or sparse areas with an angled brush dipped in brow shadow.

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