5 Minute Total Body Workout




5 Minute Total Body Workout

I have five minutes. No. I’m serious. I have five minutes to do everything. Even though my daughter is out of school (today is her second to last day), the month ahead is already booked with playdates, a trip to Newport, out-of-town guests, doggy day camp (don’t ask), beach time, zoo, a Cinderella musical, Circus Smirkus (once again, don’t ask)…not to mention that pesky thing called a career (complete with paying gigs and everything!)…and since no one will give me five more minutes, I’m left with just the original five minutes.

Wait, now I have four minutes.

And as the temps go up, so do the skirt hems, the length of sleeves…who are we kidding…summer means tiny clothes. So now is not the time to skimp on the gym time if I want to skimp on the material.


Behold. The squat to hammer curl to shoulder press–the best total body exercise you have do if you only have five minutes. (Queue a heavenly angel choir. Scene: sky opens and a beam of light shines down on your computer screen).

This full body exercise works the the entire lower body with the squat, arms with the hammer curl, and shoulders and upper back with the shoulder press. Stabilizing the core throughout the entire exercise strengthens abs and lower back. Here’s Jessica Cummings, Certified Trainer at One2One Bodyscapes, to show you how.

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