5 Daytime Fall Makeup Trends

5 Daytime Fall Makeup Trends

By Jackie Schneider for Beauty & Confidence

5 Daytime fall make up trends in the nick of time!Take a cue from nature: As the leaves start to change color, so should your makeup palette. And this season, fresh faces, strong brows and autumn shades, like jewel-toned eye shadows and wine-colored lips, are having a moment. So consider updating your regular daytime look with one of the following fun fall makeup trends. With my tips, you’ll look fresh and gorgeous in no time.


Fall Makeup Trend No. 1: Peacock-shade eye shadow

This summer has been about bright pastels, so I’m excited to transition to the jewel tones of fall. And this season, the shades of a peacock’s plume — emerald green, sapphire blue and amethyst purple — are popular. Some high-fashion looks have featured a mix of all three!

My favorite way to wear this trend: A new twist on the classic cat-eye. Dip an angled liner brush in water and then into a sapphire-hue shadow. Use as a makeshift eyeliner to get a pop of color without going overboard.


Fall Makeup Trend No. 2: Merlot mouths

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