40 Age Appropriate Chores Your Child Can Do

Trying to get my children to help more around the house is as painful as pulling teeth. As someone who is sick of picking up everyone’s mess, constantly doing the laundry and taking care of everyone’s needs, I am doing everything that I can to encourage my children to help more around the house.

After all, kids learn perseverance, good habits, responsibility and self-motivation through simple tasks and chores. These chores will become a part of their daily routine and be a habit that they will carry with them into adulthood. What better way could you teach your kids from a young age self-sufficiency? In other words, the younger they start, the better!

Use chores as a way to help your teen become more responsible, but make sure your teen doesn’t take on too many chores.

Find a healthy balance that will give your child plenty of time to do homework and have some fun, while also teaching valuable life skills.


Here’s what your kid can start doing right now


It has never been easy to get my kids to do their chores. Mainly because it is my fault!!! I just can’t get organized enough to make it happen. I have tried chore charts and other options and it just never was followed through #mommyfail!

Well there is a much easier way now to keep on track with chores.  I was recently introduced to a digital chore app called Chore Check and thought it was so awesome that the entire family could connect to one chore chart and provide input such as rewards, allowance, chores and more.

This will help you identify which chores below your children are ready for.

CHORE CHECK IN A NUTSHELL:  Chore Check is an app that the family can be on together, that manages all of your household chores.  Chore Check is currently an iOS app, parents/kids can access the app through their iPhones or through any mobile device via the web app that they’ve also created (i.e. Chore Check can essentially be used with anything that can use a web browser such as an iPad or computer—this is especially useful for young children that may not have access to a phone).

Once a parent creates an account, they can then add their kids and other family members creating profiles for everyone to share this same account.  Parents can assign chores, keep track of chores being done, reward their kids with an allowance or “prizes” as goals, and keep track of everything being earned.  Kids can keep track of the chores that they do as well, their progress on goals or “prizes”, and keep track of their earnings.

Aside from the obvious function of managing your family’s household chores, the real  value behind Chore Check is a few other important things…

– This is a great way connecting with your kids on a day-to-day basis.

–  Chore Check can be a motivational tool to kids their first real kick-start into the world of responsibility, goal-setting, finance and money/time management

2-3 Years Old

Make their own bed

Pick up their toys and books from off the floor

Put laundry where it belongs – in the hamper!

Help feed family pets


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