4 New Workout Routines for All Fitness Levels

4 New Workout Routines for All Fitness Levels

By Robin Hilmantel

4 New work out routines for all fitness levels. No matter how big a fitness buff you might be, sticking with the same workout routine week after week can turn exercise into a chore. Re-energize your workout with one of these new calorie-blasting fitness trends so you can stay in shape in 2014 and beyond.

New Workout Routine 1: Hula Hooping

Perfect for: Kids at heart, who don’t want to feel like they’re working out

. Any hoop works — even the one collecting dust in your garage right now.

Try it out: Sample a hula-hooping class (Gold’s Gym offers them) or buy the Jane Fonda Workout Cardio Hoop ($24.25, Amazon.com) for a hoop and DVD routine you can use at home.

New Workout Routine 2: Urban Rebounding

Perfect for: High-energy types who dislike high-impact activities

Another new workout trend that feels more like fun than fitness is urban rebounding, during which you bounce on a mini-trampoline to work all of the major muscle groups, improve balance and burn calories. The martial arts-inspired routine was developed more than 30 years ago as a low-impact exercise for use in rehabilitative centers, but urban rebounding is now picking up speed in the mainstream.

Try it out: Gyms nationwide such as Bally Total Fitness and Equinox offer classes.

New Workout Routine 3: Kettlebells

Perfect for: Those who want to tone up fast — and are willing to work for it

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