30 Second Stress Reliever

Have you been running around taking care of everyone with little time for yourself? If so you’re probably overwhelmed and stressed. You could use a 30 Second Stress Reliever!  When you are stressed your posture is slouched, your breathing is shallow, and you won’t think clearly. Taking a little time out to regain balance through your breath will increase your energy and productivity, plus reduce the tension in your body.

Ingrid Bacci, Ph.D. and author of “” stated, “When you use breathing to make your inner state – how you feel inside – more important than what you accomplish – how much you get done, how many people you impress, how many tennis balls you hit, or whatever it might be – you end up performing at a higher level. And – you find much greater pleasure in what you do.”

Try this simple breathing exercise whenever you need a stress release.

30 Second Stress Reliever

*Sit comfortably with your spine straight
*Inhale a deep breath in through your nose
*As you inhale imagine the breath traveling up to the top of your head
*Exhale out through your nose
*As you exhale imagine the breath sinking down to your sit bones
*Repeat the breath ten times
*Next inhale and roll your shoulders up towards your ears
*Exhale, squeeze your shoulders down and away
*Imagine all the tension leaving your body with each breath
*Repeat shoulder rolls for 8-10 breathes

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