3-Year-Old With ‘Documented’ Dairy Allergy Dies After School Allegedly Gave Him Grilled Cheese

Food allergies scare me so much and my kids don’t even have any. I have quite a few friends who have children who have severe peanut and nut allergies as well as dairy, fish, eggs, and I see how they have to be so vigilant all the time about what their kids eat and even what they’re exposed to.

As I’ve watched these kids grow up, I can see the parents are a bit more relaxed, mostly because the kids know what they can and can’t eat and are also just as vigilant about asking about ingredients.  While there’s still a level of anxiety when they go to restaurants or a movie theater, they’ve become familiar with places that offer “safe food” and aware of what they need to avoid. Still, I can’t even begin to imagine the anxiety they live with knowing that one mislabeled item could have drastic consequences.

When children are young they rely on the adults around them to know what and what isn’t safe to eat when allergies are involved.

food allergy
Credit: GoFundMe / Saying Goodbye to Elijah

One family is mourning the loss of a sweet 3-year-old boy after they claim his preschool gave him a grilled cheese sandwich despite knowing the boy had a severe dairy allergy.

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