3-year-old French Toddler Chokes To Death On Hidden Kinder Egg Toy and The Internet Blames MOM!

Kinder Surprise eggs the chocolate treats, produced by Italian company Ferrero International — the same company that makes Nutella, were banned in America due to strict regulations from the Federal Drug Administration.

The FDA prohibits any food with non-edible items concealed inside it to avoid children from choking. Kinder eggs, meanwhile, have historically contained a small toy inside each candy.

Many of us have been very frustrated over this ban for a long time, but our children’s health is way more important than a treat!

People living in the United States have been desperate enough to get their hands on the toy-filled chocolate would often attempt to smuggle them across the Canadian border. Those caught would have to face hours of questioning by border police and fines between $300 to $2,500 for confiscated contraband candy.

A three-year-old French girl died after choking on a toy hidden inside a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg, a prosecutor said.

The girl’s mother told police she was with her daughter when the child swallowed a small plastic wheel that broke off from a toy hidden inside the egg, a much-loved product made by Italian company Ferrero.

source : kinder

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