3 Special Occasion Hairstyles — in 10 Minutes or Less!

3 Special Occasion Hairstyles — in 10 Minutes or Less!

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3 Special occasion hairstyles– in 10 minutes or less! The holidays are coming up fast, which means your calendar will soon fill up with office parties, dinner invites and other special events. No doubt you’re looking for a new and fun hairstyle to try out for these occasions — but between shopping, cleaning, decorating and school activities, who has time to spend on a fancy ‘do?

You do! We’ve found three great styles for you that are elegant and take just minutes to put together. All you need are the basics: elastics and a few bobby pins. Wow the crowd with these easy hairstyles — and find more great styles in our new Pocket Hairstylist tool.


Step 1

Starting with a side part, gather hair into a medium ponytail. Secure with elastic.

Step 2

Braid the ponytail in a normal braid.

Step 3

Wrap hair clock-wise into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.



Step 1

Gather the hair above your ears from both sides of your face.


Step 2

Twist your hair slightly in the back and secure with a bobby pin, placing the pin vertically so it pins up into your hair.

Step 3

Pull all your hair into a low ponytail and start twisting. Twist the whole ponytail with one hand, then grab the twist halfway down with the index finger of your other hand. Use this finger to loop the ponytail so it snakes around itself.


Step 4

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