3 Babies Left Seriously Injured Due to Severe Turbulence on Flight

This summer has so far proven itself to be the craziest season in airline travel. At this point, it seems like we’ve either heard or seen it all: a man getting dragged off an overbooked plane, a family kicked off a flight after they tried to store a birthday cake in the overheard compartment and another person getting bitten by a service dog. Seriously, what’s going to happen next?

Let’s face it, flying is never easy, especially if you get easily terrified by any turbulent disruption in the sky. No matter how many times I fly, I absolutely hate the feeling I get when the plane shakes with a little bit of turbulence! But could you imagine experiencing such bad turbulence during a flight that it ends up sending you to the hospital the moment you land? Well that’s exactly what happened to over 25 people and three little babies during a recent flight — it was so bad, that many had to undergo immediate surgery.

Credit: Shutterstock/ Kamenetskiy Konstantin

Serious turbulence seriously injures three babies’ spines during this nightmare of a flight!

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