28 Stores And Restaurants Will Be Open On New Year’s Day 2016



On Christmas Day this year I was so surprised to see so many business opened all throughout the day. But then again I do live in an area of the country where we get tourists from all over the world visiting us 365 days a year, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to see all the theme parks along with the restaurants open during a day that should be full of peace and relaxation. In fact, I even balked at the idea of going mini-golfing with my family and our grandparents until we got there to see the place was packed (because who wouldn’t want to mini-golf on a hot Christmas day in Central Florida, right?!?!).

Well, it looks like New Year’s Day won’t be any different this holiday season as a good handful of stores, restaurants and businesses will be open, too. In fact, the only businesses that will be closed on New Year’s Day are Sam’s Club, Costco, Chipotle and Trader Joe’s.

Check out the list of restaurant chains and stores that will be open on New Year’s just in case you feel like venturing out with your loved ones during the first day of 2016. Because apparently staying home is not an option for us crazy millenials anymore, lol.


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