Little Soles For Little People

LITTLE SOLES BIG SHOES:) Little Soles was kind enough to send me a sample of their gorgeous shoes!!  So now I can tell you exactly how incredible they are…   If you are like me looking for shoes for you children can be a tough challenge. Feet are so important to pamper at this stage and they grow so quickly. I just love Little Soles my daughter loves her crib shoes and I get so many compliments on the uniqueness of them!!

Photo Courtesy Of Little Soles
Photo Courtesy Of Little Soles

For the bigger kids they provides comfort, safety and style all in one! My fav is the cherry! so super cute and the prices are amazing!!

Here is a little something from Little Soles

We have asked the question, “Why be ordinary?” since we began and continually deliver our answer, by constantly redefining our footwear and producing extraordinary results. Little Soles™ offers amazing choice through a variety of styles, colors and designs sure to fit your Little One’s unique spirit.

Uninhibited by tradition, each of the five Little Soles™ collections will definitely get noticed! Whether you consider the Baby Soles™, Urban Infants, Classic Infants, Squeaky Shoe or Children’s Collection, we wanted to give you footwear to brag about. We delivered! Little Soles™ footwear is available in 0-2 newborn sizes, infant sizes 3-8, and young children’s styles in sizes 9-12 ½.

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