Love My Dyson DC59


2015 Hot Mom Holiday Gift Pick: Dyson DC59.  Let me preface this review by saying that I hate vacuuming. I would rather scrub all of the toilets in my house 1,000 times than vacuum the living room once. And, while I’ve been a very satisfied Dyson owner (DC39 canister model) for about 4 years now, when the Digital Slim showed up on my doorstep, I had my doubts.

Dyson Digital Slim DC59

I have 3 children, a 70lb boxer and a cat, all happily shedding and making their respective messes on my 3 floors of carpet. That’s right-lots of mess, lots of carpet for it to get trapped in. The DC59 is small, cordless and pink; not exactly the heavy artillery I was envisioning to tackle this constant mess. Regardless, I plugged in the base, let it charge up a bit and decided to give it a try. Before I got the chance, my husband spotted it and with all of the giddiness he reserves for every new electronic that enters our house, proceeded to tackle the main floor. One point for the Dyson-I didn’t have to vacuum. Low and behold, the carpet actually looked cleaner. And the little canister was completely full, despite the fact that I had used my full-sized vacuum the day before. (I know, I know, carpet is gross).

Intrigued, I tried the DC59 on the landings. And the stairs. And then the kitchen and the bathrooms. By now it was full again and the battery was dead, so I emptied and recharged and headed to the top floor, which is always sadly neglected since no one wants to drag the vacuum up three flights.

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