2014 Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

2014 Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

By Michele Meyer

2014 Red carpet secrets. Wouldn’t you like to make an entrance like the stars at red-carpet events? You can! Celeb beauty pros reveal how you can recreate the dewy skin, smoky eyes, shiny tresses and sexy curls you covet. (Getting an invite to an awards ceremony is up to you.) Here are their insider tricks:


Go steamy. Open and cleanse pores — making skin look its best — by adding two tablespoons of an herbal laxative (such as Swiss Kriss) to a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat, cover the pot with a moist towel, then lean over it for two minutes, says James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist to Taryn Manning.

Let it glow. Squeeze equal parts of your liquid (or cream) foundation and moisturizer on the back of your hand. Blend with a sponge, then apply to your face. “That thins out the foundation and softens skin,” says Saisha Beecham, celebrity makeup artist with Cloutier Remix for Vanessa Hudgens.

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