2010; As easy as 1-2-3

I will stop stressing over everything I eat. Will my next post be about how I downed an entire coconut cream pie? No. (But that would be heavenly, wouldn’t it?) Eating healthy is a part of my life. It’s who I am. Besides I’ve accumulated entirely too many skinny jeans and leggings to stop now. But calorie-counting comes with penalty. As I pile on the chocolate mousse, so do I pile on the guilt. I’ve decided that a reward is due—the occasional guilt-free calorie-fest. I deserve a friggin’ cookie.


I will relax. Drawer won’t open. Calm down. Something spills. Don’t flip out. In the colorful 2D world of Elmo, he teaches us that a giggle (and not the kind that prefaces a blood-curdling scream signaling you have now lost your shit) can get you through most scenarios. My husband once said he wished he could take the Elmo approach at work.


I will go to the ballet more. The museum. Trunk shows. You know, cultural things. Ok, maybe trunk shows aren’t cultural. But you get the point. I want to see more beautiful things.


I will continue to find the time to pamper myself. Because really, Bert. Wax those brows, would you?

If I can follow my plan, I think 2010’s going to be A-OK.

Editor’s Note: Today’s new year’s resolutions have been brought to you by the letter E and the number 6.

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