18 Pieces of Fashion Owned By Every Real ’90s Kid

When it comes to fashion I think that the ’90s was the most stylish decade in so far. The 90s was even better than hippy trends of the 60s.

Don’t even try and argue with me on this, because I will win! I mean don’t worry I know the trends were outrageously tacky and over the top, but I loved every single one of them.

This is the decade that gave us the opportunity to wear body glitter like it was the most casual thing ever. We were known for torn, sheer slips, dark makeup, and babydoll dresses and  Nirvana started the entire grunge trend, with his mismatched, oversized outfits and shaggy mop of hair.

It allowed us to rock fashion and function in the form of bum bags. And let’s take a moment to acknowledge the instant coolness offered by wearing a cap backwards. If it wasn’t denim, tie-dyed, or made out of questionable neon colored plastic, well, it just wasn’t acceptable.

Let’s also not forget when the 90’s began the “Supermodel” was born! Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and many more!

If you’re a child of the ’90s, here are 15 fashion trends that 90s kids rocked and check out how many of these fashion items you owned, adored, and still wish you had!

Credit: 90s club kid.tumblr

How well do you really remember ’90s fashion trends?

1. Body Glitter


From your favorite melon lotion from Bath & Body Works to shimmery shadows and face powders, glitter was in everything. Glitter was in every ’90s party girls’ beauty bag. It was probably extremely toxic, and it always smelt so strong and chemical like, but that didn’t stop you from putting it all over yourself.

2. Butterfly Clips


Butterfly clips were hilarious, they were designed to stick out from your head sideways. ’90s butterfly clips we not only beautiful but sparkly! They also broke in our hair and the feeling of stepping on one was equivalent to the pain of childbirth. The styling possibilities were endless and every ’90s girl tried to copy Mary-Kate and Ashley, Kristen Dunst and even Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hair look.

3. Snap Bracelets


I loved slap bracelets! I had tons of them stacked up from wrist to elbow, and I was so sad when schools banned them because they could be ‘dangerous.’

Did that stop us from secretly rocking it under your long sleeve shirts? Of course it didn’t. Rebellion was at it’s best.

4. Plaid


The ’90s saw a lot of plaid. If you were slightly older and cooler you may have been rocking the grunge look and funny enough the rise of the red and black plaid flannel (tied around your waist). However, pre-2000 was an amazing period during which plaid was crinkled and candy colored. With a plaid skirt like Cher Horowitz’s in Clueless, no one could pull if of like Cher!

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