The Pirate's Daughter

The glamour of 1940s Hollywood, the turbulence of a newly independent country, the sensuality of a tropical climate, and the consequences of one’s behavior are just a few of the elements converging to create a tantalizing read in Margaret Cezair-Thompson’s second novel, The Pirate’s Daughter.
A Wellesley resident for almost twenty years and a professor of literature and creative writing at Wellesley College, Cezair-Thompson left her home and family in Jamaica, West Indies at the age of 19 to pursue her academic interests at Barnard College in New York. Today as a busy mom to a ten-year-old son and a full-time professor at Wellesley College, Cezair-Thompson somehow finds the time to work on her novels between Little League practices, teaching college classes, and attending meetings.

Her second novel, The Pirate’s Daughter, was chosen as the number one “Book Sense Pick” for October 2007. (Book Sense picks are selected by independent booksellers nationwide for special feature on a monthly basis. Only 20 titles receive this honor each month.) Her schedule is already very demanding and now with the recent success of her novel she is about to embark on a multi-city tour to promote her book.

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