Joy Rose-Mamapaloozas Rockin Visionary

Joy Rose is taking a minute to catch her breath. It has been all uphill, in a good way. Its a huge amount of work. Joy is referring to Mamapalooza, her grassroots Mom-Rock extravaganza, birthed five years ago, after her brush with death.  2006 marks two five-year anniversaries for Rose. In 2001, she received a lifesaving kidney from Pam, her best friend since childhood. Says Joy, Our lives are very intertwined. When we were younger, she was in rock band, and I was her fan. Now, Im in a rock band and shes my fan.

That same year, Joy launched Mamapalooza. The feeling of Im here because of somebody else inspired her to do something ‘great which, to her, meant greater than the self.

When I was 8 years old, I wanted to be Broadway star, and a mom. Out to fulfill ‘part one of that goal, a few decades ago, Joy armed herself with a BFA in theatre and music, and moved to New York. Only, there was a glitch in her plan. She got side tracked with rock and roll.

Her band, Housewives on Prozac, emerged in 1997. They arent on Prozac, but their musical blends of rock, disco, and blues, with humorous lyrics, lift the spirits of domestic divas, everywhere. (Is there a mom alive who wouldnt head-bang to Eat Your Damn Spaghetti! or happily hum to Fuzzy Slippers?)

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