Get Ready–To Wiggle!

One cold day a few years ago, I stumbled through a kiddie show with four grown men in bright shirts, jumping around and singing songs like Hot Potato, Rock-a-bye Your Bear, and Uncle Noah’s Ark. Their genuine enthusiasm, catchy tunes, and bright smiles immediately made my household a Wiggles House.

The Wiggles, composed of Jeff Fatt (purple), Murray Cook (red), Anthony Field (blue), and Greg Page (yellow)–each Wiggle is distinguished by color– has been entertaining children (and parents) for the past fifteen years.

If you’re Wiggles challenged, think The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but without the sex, drugs, or drama.

This fabulous foursome helps kids with their numbers, letters, manners, and simply learning about and embracing the multicultural world around them.

“When we first started The Wiggles,” father of three, blue Wiggle Anthony Field explains to HMC, “one our objectives was to reflect the society we live in. Australia is a very multi-cultural society as is the United States is as well. We wanted to reflect that in the music we play. There is great music all around the world.”

But how do four guys from different backgrounds form one of the most popular kids bands around?
Easy—they went back to school.

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