14 Unexpected Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

We are moms and caregivers and lets be really honest we all could use a little hacking now and then to make our daily routines easier and faster!

I don’t know about you but all my “beauty routines” became less of a priority when I had kids. It took me a good 5 years to be able to get back on track but I still have some challenges and could use some help!

All the blemishes, powders, plumpers, liners, primers and stains, I have no clue what to do with any of it ~  These hacks can help you be done in  record time.

Hot Moms Club has  gathered several secrets that will save you a lot of time and money, while making you look gorgeous.

14. For beautiful hair

If you have greasy hair, simple cooking salt or, even better, sea salt is what you need. Add 2-3 tbsp to your favorite shampoo, and the roots of your hair will stay clean for longer.

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13. Halt an oozing zit with a swipe of Antiperspirant

Swipe a stick of antiperspirant over it. It will stop the goop from oozing out. Just be sure to clean thoroughly later.


And guard against that gross underboob sweat — and the painful rashes that result from it — with antiperspirant too!

I always use it on my pits anyway, so I now I can swipe under each boob and in between them as well. Voila! No more rashes or that pain in the underboob!

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