14 Comics Showcase The Never-Ending Parenting Struggle That Is Bedtime

Go the f*ck to SLEEP!

It seems like from the moment you find out you’re pregnant the sleep advice comes rolling in. People tell you that you’re going to be tired. They joke about it and laugh at you for how tired you’re going to be. They’ll give you horror stories about how their child never slept through the night — that you function on less than 3 hours a sleep for the past few years.

Then as the kids get older, parents will tell you that the whole sleep thing doesn’t actually get easier. That they’re trading in babies who need to be rocked for toddlers who try and con the system. They’ll ask for water, demand a story, pretend to fall out of bed, whine that the blanket is too heavy before complaining they’re cold. It’s a mess and the real truth is yes, you’re going to be tired as all can be and you’re going to have to deal with it.

Sleep and the lack of it, and the struggles of trying to get kids to just stay in their bed OMG is a topic parents are very well versed in. It seems to be one of those universal issues and sometimes all you can really do is laugh at it, right?

If you’re struggling with the whole bedtime thing and you need to have some reassurance that you’re not the only one and there’s nothing wrong with your kids, we’re here for you.

These comics that show the never-ending struggle of bedtime will put your mind at ease and hopefully give you a good laugh.

1. Kid Logic

Every time, too. Like hey kid, you literally walked past two of them, down flights of stairs, in the dark. I promise tired mom at 3 in the morning is more scary than peeing alone.

2. Four Stages

kid sleep problem
Credit: Instagram / @adriennehedger

This is one of the worst things — as a parent you have all these lists in your head, extra worries and there’s like zero time that you can actually sleep in. Not fair!

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