12 Types of Annoying Moms That Every Parent Knows

While I will be the first person to say that I love and adore my mom friends, I’ll admit that there’s always one person in each group that acts like a black sheep. She’s the one who is always late to our scheduled MNO’s (mom’s night out), always asks you to watch their kid but never repays the favor and worse, likes to remind the group just how smarter and more talented their child is than the rest of the kindergarten pack.

I mean, that’s great that little Conrad knows how to read at an 8th grade level already. But you know he does it while picking his boogers simultaneously, right?

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Here are 12 different types of moms we all know that drive us a little mad!

1. Channeling Queen Bey

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You’re the one who shows up at a pool play date with the kids looking like Beyonce only a few short weeks after she gave birth to twins. No, no, and no. Please cover up because the rest of us don’t want to see your perky boobs and flat tummy just four weeks postpartum.

2. Left That Dirty Diaper

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You’re the mom who left your child’s dirty diaper blow out inside the trash can of your mom friend’s bathroom. I mean, I can deal with the smell of my own child’s sh*t but having to deal with another child’s dirty diaper is just the worst.

3. The Gossip

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You’re the mom who loves to talk about Mom A and Mom B to Mom C without realizing that I’m actually best friends with Mom B and that Mom A used to be my brother’s wife. So in other words we’ve got a lot to talk about.

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