12 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom With a Small Chest

Just like people, cats, dogs, jeans and Starbucks drinks, everything comes in different shapes and sizes.  As moms, we are well aware that not every human being was made the same and that’s why we live in this huge, wonderful world

But at the same time, there are just some differences in sizes that are more noticeable than others. Take boobs for instance. You’ve got some that look like perfect pears, while others are the size of Krispy Kreme donuts and in some cases, real life-size watermelons. And no matter how many push-up bras we buy, there’s just no changing the size and shape of your two best friends without a little surgical help from a trusted medical profession. But of course not every mother wants to go in that direction. Some actually like the size of their boobs, thank you very much!

Of course, people still think it’s ok to say or make comments about other people’s boobs. Simply put, you just don’t do that. Regardless of whether or not their boobs are big or small, we don’t want to hear your opinions, comments or suggestions. With that being said….

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Here are just 12 things you should NEVER say to a mom with small boobs!

1. Can you actually breastfeed with those things?

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Look. First and foremost, breastfeeding has nothing to do with the size of your breasts. In fact, breastfeeding has nothing to do with the appearance of your breasts altogether. Don’t assume that just because a mama has small boobs, she can’t feed her kid!

2. At least you can get away with wearing a sports bra. 

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Excuse me, but who says that sports bras as even cute to begin with? And just because a mom has small boobs, why assume that she’s walking around the house shirtless and in a sports bra? It’s not like she’s stuffing anything in there.

3. Actually, at least you don’t have to wear two sports bras.

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I get it. Running with big boobs has got to be one of the most painful things ever. And it’s a pain that many moms wouldn’t want to experience, ever. On the flip side, you might not even know how it feels to struggle to even fill one sports bra to begin with.

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