12 Things People Need to Stop Saying to Divorced Moms

More often than not, a lot of mothers usually hear things that they don’t want to hear or are asked things they don’t want to be asked. You never hear fathers asked how they are managing their work and family balance or if they regret getting divorced or working full-time out of the house.

Yet, moms – and in particular single moms – get this treatment all the time. And that’s why they are over it.

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Here are 12 things people need to stop saying to divorced moms!

1. Mom’s weekend in Vegas! Are you coming?


For single moms, it’s not that easy to just pack your bags, book a ticket and leave the kids at home to party with your best friends. Most of the time, single moms only have themselves to count on. They can’t just get up and leave.

2. Are you really bringing the kids?


Again, do you really think a single mom can afford to leave her kids at home knowing that no one is there to take care of them? Unless they are at their dad’s for the weekend, yes the kids are coming.

3. You should date a single father!


Just because she’s a single mom, that doesn’t mean that she’s looking for someone that is in the same boat as she is. The field is wide open, people.

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