12 Things Moms of Big Families Are Tired of Hearing

As moms, we all get tired of hearing the same old questions over and over again. I had one mom friend assume that I never cook for my family at home just because we bumped into each other TWICE at Chick-Fil-A. And then there are those who are totally confused about my employment status: is she a stay-at-home mom? Or a working mom? How can she be a working mom if she’s a stay-at-home mom with her kids? I don’t get it.

I’m sure that you’ve gotten your fair share of totally annoying questions from people who really shouldn’t be asking them. And for moms with big families, it’s even worse! Could you imagine all of the stares and stupid questions they get whenever they arrive at Chick-Fil-A family night with all 8 of their kids?!? Some people probably think she’s there every night (because who would want to cook that much?!)

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Here are 12 things that moms of big families want you to stop asking!

1. It’s like you have your own Duggar family!

the Duggars
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It’s such a wonderfully compliment whenever someone compares your family to the Duggar family, right? I mean, they are so happppyyyyy, so well dressed, so perfectly behaved, and well, so… Duggar. And they do a great job of hiding their sh*t under the carpet until someone finds out about it. It’s every mom’s dream!

2. Your kids are always so well behaved!

angelina jolie
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I’m sure every child is well behaved, especially those who keep calling their mom Maleficent and Maleficent, mom. Actually, I’m kidding. It’s so easy to get confused. Most kids are well behaved until they found out where their mom is and that’s when sh*t starts to get cray.

3. Does your husband have a good job?

jon gosselin
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Yes, as a matter of fact, he does. Actually, he did. My husband had a great job with a killer salary as an analyst for Morgan Stanley but decided to throw it all away because he wanted to spend more time with the kids. Now he’s much more happier, working part-time as a server at Applebee’s and stripping at male joints by the airport on the weekends. #Blessed.

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