12 Things Every Breastfeeding Mom Wants Their Partner to Know

Breastfeeding. It’s something that we mothers have the power of doing but it’s also a task that fathers will never have the chance to do themselves. At least not naturally.

And while there are plenty of supportive, patient and loving husbands who help their breastfeeding partners by being their biggest cheerleaders, there are a few, unspoken things that breastfeeding moms want their partners to know. For instance, yes, it does freaking hurt sometimes and no, we’re not getting aroused by it. And if you want to take a sip of it, well, by all means be my guest. But let me warn your that it sure doesn’t taste like chocolate milk!

Here are 12 things that every breastfeeding mom want their partners to know!

1. Don’t worry, I won’t do it in front of your friends or in public if it bothers you, ok?

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I know that a lot of people aren’t very comfortable with moms breastfeeding in public. It’s not for everyone. And don’t worry, I won’t do it in front of your buddies when they come over to watch the game on Saturday, either. It’s not like they would even notice a half naked woman with her boobs out in the room anyway, right?

2. Yes, it sometimes sucks. And yes, the baby bites.

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Once those teeth start coming in at about 5 or 6 months, you bet your bottom dollar that it hurts! The baby bites but at the end of the day mama still has a job to do!

3. I’m not going to breastfeed our son while he’s doing his math homework.

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Don’t worry – I’m not going to breastfeed our child when he’s 7-years-old. Or 17-years-old for that matter. Sure, every mama loves her boy, but I get it. We all need our space. With that being said, we’ll be done with it when we are ready to be done with it.

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