12 Things No One Tells You Happens to Your Body After Having a Baby Baby

After I gave birth to my first child, I noticed that I was losing hair on top of my head but that the hair on my arm pits was getting thicker. Unfortunately for my husband, I would also have bouts of flatulence that I just couldn’t control and boobs that would leak in the worst places. In addition to that, my lady garden felt like it was on fire on some days.

But believe it or not, all of these symptoms are totally normal after you give birth. It might sound strange, but that new stinky body odor isn’t because you haven’t taken a shower in one week. That’s just your new gross (but temporary) smell!

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Here are 12 strange but normal things that happen to your body after you give birth!

1. New Smells


You might find yourself more smelly in places that you haven’t really thought of before. And yes, it might be because you haven’t showered in a week after you gave birth. But it’s also most likely that your hormones are playing an important role in this change during lactation by causing a stinky smell from your genitals and armpits.

2. What’s Going on Hair?


Speaking of arm pits, you might find that your growing more hair underneath them. That, or you might be losing more hair. Experts believe that breastfeeding might be the reason you are either losing or gaining more hair in certain parts of your body.

3. Clothes Don’t Fit the Same


I can tell you from experience that even though I managed to lose all of my postpartum weight after my first pregnancy, my body definitely wasn’t the same. It was very confusing, especially when I couldn’t wear my old jeans anymore. Before you panic, know that your weight has just shifted elsewhere and that’s why your old clothes don’t fit.

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