12 Photos That Prove You Should Never Mess With Mom — Ever

Growing up, I sometimes felt pretty scared by my mom. And it’s not because she was a mean, horrible mom (in fact, it was quite the opposite as she was loving, caring and one of the BEST out there), but because she had some of the best comebacks ever.

These days kids like to call comebacks clap backs but back when I was growing up, we used to have the “Yo mama” comebacks, “talk to the hands” and the “whatever.” One time my mom even told me (during my teen years), “Cancel my subscription, I’m over your issues.” Say what now?!?!

But seriously, if there’s one person you don’t want to mess with in your family, it’s definitely your mother (or in my case, my mom, my aunts and my grandmother). They will always have something wonderfully sarcastic and clever to say before you can even think of a decent clap back or comeback for that matter! And I’m sure there are a lot of people who know what I’m talking about as many moms out there are the exact same way.

Here are 12 reasons why you should never mess with mom – EVER!

1. No Sympathy

funny moms
Credit: Tumblr/ tempestpaige

Yikes! When your mom manages to find the smallest violin on the planet, you know that she has zero sympathy for your complaints. It’s time to stop whining and get to work kids!

2. Rent Free

funny moms
Credit: Imgur / sxe1215

Talk about getting slapped in the face with a dose of cold reality. If there’s one person who isn’t going to pay your rent AND stuff dollars in your pocket, it’s your mama. She should be getting the tip instead!

3. Basic

funny moms
Credit: Tumblr / artsypancake

Ouch. Talk about a burn! Here’s hoping that this kid has a great relationship with his stepmom because this is a clap back that could definitely go the wrong way. But hey, at least she’s giving him tips on his science project, right?

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