12 Parents Share the Most Expensive Thing Their Kid Ever Ruined

I know we made them, I know that we are responsible for them and technically, we are the ones who’ve taught them everything they know, but let’s face it: kids are the worst! There’s just no way to better say it. You give them cereal in the morning, yet they want waffles. You put on Nick Jr. and they demand the Disney Channel. You give them your old Samsung Galaxy phone and they say they want an iPhone. And it just keeps getting worse!

But you know what really gets me tickin? When I tell my child to be careful around certain objects around the house and they don’t pay attention to a damn word I say. Or when I tell them not to pick up an item, and they pick it up anyway. And the result is always something broken, cut, loose, or completely shattered. And that, dear friends, is the reason we DON’T BUY NICE THINGS.

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Here are 12 parents sharing the most expensive things that their kids have ever ruined!

1. When Your 4-Year-Old Child Is Following Your Career Footsteps.

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OK, I know this is a lot to read, but it’s real damn funny. And it’s especially funny when you try and visualize a 4-year-old kid taking a part a computer all on his own. Clearly, he’s been taking mental notes while watching his dad!

2. The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

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According to @speakshibbolethspeakshibboleth on Reddit, this is what went down. I’m not going to hate because we actually do a lot of re-gifting in our family. The only thing is, no one aware of it so I’m just going to remain quiet here.

3. They Are Staring for a Reason and It’s Not Just Because You’re Beautiful…

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This is why, my dear Hot Moms friends, you always, always, ALWAYS check yourself in a mirror before leaving the house. You just never know what toy parts your toddler might have stuck inside your hair.

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