12 Times Dad’s Text Messages Were PEEK Dad

I probably don’t say this very often, but I love my dad. And I especially love getting texts from him too, even though it’s sometimes hard to decipher what he’s saying or what he wants. I mean, I know he loves ducks, he likes to call my mom moth sometimes and for some reason he hates Lauren. I’m sure he means laundry, but no matter how hard he tries to fix it, he always types Lauren. He says he can’t type because he’s fat-fingered, but honestly, I think he’s just not used to typing at the same speed as I do. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with it. Auto Cucumbers happen all the time. Wait! I meant auto correct!

Here are the best dad texts we’ve ever seen. Let me warn you that some of them are rather explicit while others are so funny, they’ll keep you laughing all the way to the bathroom. In the meantime, is it time for all of us to burn our smartphones?

dad texts
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Here’ are some of the funniest texts we’ve ever seen from dad!

1. The Burn

funniest dad texts
Credit: Bored Panda

I guess there are worse things in the world than getting burned by dad!

2. Party on the Down Low

funniest dad texts
Credit: Bored Panda

It sounds like dad wants to go to this party more than his son!

3. The Mothinator

funniest dad texts
Credit: Bored Panda

One by one that moth is taking the entire family down!

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