12 Eye-Rolling Times Mariah Carey Made It Easy to Hate Her

Let’s face it: Mariah Carey is the most important diva of our time. There’s no one that can compare to the Elusive Chanteuse in the entertainment industry right now. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s got a diva attitude that reminds you that she needs to be treated like nothing less than the star that she is. And trust me, Mariah has showed us time and time again that she puts the D in dramatic! Sure, we might not always agree with her, but girlfriend has a way of getting our attention whether we want to pay attention to her or not!

Credit: Instagram / @mariahcarey

Here are 12 eye-rolling times Mariah Carey made it easy to hate her!

1. James Packer

Credit: Getty Images / Jonathan Leibson

After she broke off her engagement with James Packer, Mariah Carey apparently wanted to charge him millions of dollars…. for wasting her time! Talk about a diva.

2. Nap Schedule

Credit: YouTube / Viral Videos

Mariah Carey might be an adult with two children, but apparently she has a nap schedule and she expects her crew to abide by it at all times.

3. Beyonce

mariah carey twins
Instagram / @mariahcarey

The one time Mariah Carey had to literally make the rest of us feel jealous my letting the world know that she’s tight with none other than Beyonce!

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