American Parents Invented 1,100 Never Used Before Baby Names Last Year

They're certainly very original!

    When it’s time to name your baby, the options are limitless. You can find inspiration anywhere, and apparently American parents are doing just that. In 2017, parents invented 1,100 new baby names. That is a whopping 3 percent, which may not seem like much, but it is! There were almost 30,000 names given to babies last year, so to have over 1,000 first timers making the list is no easy accomplishment.

    These unconventional names are competing against names like Liam and Emma, which are the most popular baby names of 2017. While these new names aren’t being given out with the same fervor as the names that consistently make the list, they are still making an impact.

    Camreigh, Asahd, and Taishmara

    After combing the database, Quartz has taken to compiling a list of the most popular of the new generation of baby names.

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